Welcome Notes

Hi, we are a group of people who loves to be kind and talk happy stuff together.  We want you to feel the same and also have a peace of mind when you are with us.  With us, we don’t judge a person’s outlook, we want to know you as who you are and how you can become a better person.

Money can be evil only when one who thinks evil.  Money is important to our everyday living but don’t let earning money take away your time with your love ones.  We need money to grow our organization and we need you in person to help to build this organization together.

We human are not prefect but we can be respectful to each other especially when comes to making a decision.  Everyone’s point of view can be different due to one’s culture and things that he/she had experienced so we need to be mindful in our words, we do not tolerate people who use hurting or provoking words.  We voice out our concern with politeness and listen to what others have to say in a respectful manner.

Regardless of race, religion, nationality and language barrier, together our goal, we learn, we travel, we eat healthily, we teach, we build, we grow and we care for each other till the end.

God bless and welcome you to be part of ShineForthGlobal.

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